People and Peach of mind!

  • Chimney cleaning and inspections: We think the most important thing is a very thorough safety inspection. Your chimney and fireplace should be swept to remove any soot or creosote from past use. We use only HEPA filter vaccums to make sure that we have left you behind with clean air and NO MESS. We take great pride in spending more time with the customer teaching the proper and safest ways to burn their fireplace.
  • Chimney cap installation: We install all dampers and caps! We stock all service vans with most common size flues. These fireplace dampers and chimney caps will help prevent birds and animals out and conditioned air in. When we install a chimney masonry cap or an Energy efficient lock-top damper they come with 5year,10year or lifetime warranty. All caps or Energy saving dampers are installed by certfied technicans using the proper safety equipment that is OSHA approved.
  • Waterproofing and masonry tuck pointing: 3 and 4 Stage waterproofing processes will take care of any rain water leak that you may have from your chimney or fireplace. The Company will only use the highest end product, "Chimney Savers systems". This consist of resurfacing or rebuilding the chimney crown using chimney savers crown coat. Tuck-pointing or spot pointing all missing mortar a 16th of a inch or greater with clear mortar apoxy or colored mortar to match existing chimney. Spray 2 heavy coats of chimney saving water repellent. The 4th stage can be added for extra protection using chimney saver flash seal to add years to your existing roof flashing.
  • Water leaks: Chase cover leaks is the leading cause in the area for water damage to fireplaces. These water leaks cause rust and mold to enter the attic area and inside the home. This will be part of every safety inspection. Interior water damage can be unseen and it will make your home unsafe.
  • Masonry chimney Rebuilds or Restoration: A chimney needs to be inspected after water damage to see if a rebuild or restoration is necessary. When a brick is water damaged it has lost structural value and should be replaced. We have the highest craftmenship with historical masonry rebuilds. All repairs and masonry brick rebuilds come with a 10 year warranty.
  • Stainless steel liners: When terracotta flue tiles are cracked or voided NFPA firecode -211 states a stainless steel liner or approved liner shall be installed. All stainless steel liners that Charity Chimney Sweeps carries has a lifetime warranty.
    Fireplace installation: Prefab fireplaces are very common in the area. If a chimney fire happens in these units, the firecode states to replace units with new flue pipe. Insurance, in most cases, covers chimney fires. We install and carry most lennox and heatolator fireplaces for installation.
  • Dryer vent cleaning: Clogged up dryer vents is the leading cause of house fires. On average, the customer gets their dryer vent cleaned every ten years. It's time to schedule an appointment! We have special equipment to make this process as efficient as possible.